With the increase of population in the city, there will be more vehicles which need to be parked in no time, and parking operators need to improve parking profit and make customers satisfied. Dashou offers you one-stop systems that can optimize your carpark, maximize your benefit while making your customers satisfied with every visit. It covers parking barrier gate, parking management system and parking guidance system.
  • Smart Parking Barrier Gate
    Smart Parking Barrier Gate
    Dashou offers you full range of boom barrier gate for parking lots, covers smart barrier gate with advanced features and simple economic barrier, includes straight, articulated and fence arm, and different opening/closing time from 0.9~6 Sec. All your needs of barrier will be matched well in Dashou.    
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  • Parking Management System
    Parking Management System
    Dashou TCP/IP based Parking Management System provides a perfect solution for pay-to-park facilities such as shopping mall, airport and hospitals etc. It provides multi types of medium such as ticket, card or license plate recognition for your option. Web-based management software helps you remotely and centrally manage multi parking lots anywhere and anytime. API provides easy integration of parking system with your own system.
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  • Smart Parking Guidance System
    Smart Parking Guidance System
    In cities, large scale car parks with hundred/thousands of spaces are more and more common along with the increasing population of vehicles; however, still very often people have headache parking cars. Fortunately smart parking guidance system came forth for this problem, it pinpoints unoccupied parking space and leads drivers to park in no time. It is a real solution for finding parking spaces in shopping mall and airport etc.
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