• 0.3s high speed toll barrier
  • 0.3s high speed toll barrier
  • 0.3s high speed toll barrier
  • 0.3s high speed toll barrier

10 Million MTBF Highway 0.3 Second High Speed Toll Barrier Gate

» The ideal solution for toll gate ETC lane

» Max. 2.6m carbon fiber arm, 0.3 Sec. speed

» Free-maintenance brushless DC motor

» 10 million MTBF & 100% duty cycle

» 7*24 hrs continuously work with long life

» Exchangeable arm direction

» Manually control if power failed

» Ethernet interface for easy integration

  • Item NO. : PAB-BD-SHSN-03

  • Order(MOQ): 1 Set

  • Color : Yellow or customized

  • Lead Time : 3~5 working days

  • Warranty : 1 year

  • Certificates : CE

  • OEM : Available

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Video

10 Million MTBF Highway 0.3 Second High Speed Toll Barrier Gate

Specially designed for expressway toll gate ETC cashless lane


0.3 Second Barrier Gate


  • 0.3 Second High Speed Barrier

    10 Million MTBF Free-maintenance Brushless DC Motor

    Free-maintenance DC24V brushless servo torque motor ensures more than 10 million cycles MTBF long life span; Meanwhile 100% duty cycle helps the 0.3 second toll gate barrier continuously work well at 24*7 hours; Max. 240W super low consumption of the motor means less power but outputs super strong torque

  • High Speed Toll Gate Barrier

    Ethernet Interface for Easy Integration


    The high speed gate barrier controller has TCP/IP RJ45 interface, which allow you to integrate the barrier with your own system easily, thus you can control and remotely monitor the barrier status by your own system from anywhere. *Dashou Ethernet module should be connected to the barrier controller, and communication protocol will be provided by Dashou


  • Arm Auto-reverse On Obstacles For Safety


    While barrier arm moving down, it will reverse automatically and immediately if it hit a car or pedestrian, which protects the car or person. The sensitivity is adjustable. This function is not working when the angle is <9°both in vertical and horizontal position. View the video on the left side

  • Arm Swing off Protect Arm & Vehicle


    Barrier arm will swing off 90 degree if it was hit by a car, this will protect both car and boom arm from damage. It is optional and yourself can easily add swing-off module to a barrier without swing-off function. View video on the left side


  • Arm Direction Is Exchangeable Easily


    In the past you have to keep stock for barriers with different arm direction because different sites may require different arm direction. But now you can change the arm direction easily at site without replacing any parts. View video on the right side

  • Arm automatically open when power off ∗


    Whatever the barrier arm in any position, arm will automatically open up fully if the power is off. This is very useful for a unmanned parking lots, when power is down, vehicles can leave the car park without waiting for someone to manually open barrier. Off course you can shut down this function. See video on the right side

Other Features


  • Alarm when arm swing out
  • Automatically close by loop detector
  • Solar panel or lead-acid cell for backup power supply
  • Automatically close in given time and the time can be programmable


Above feaures & functions which marked in ∗ are optional

For more features of this 0.3 second high speed toll booth barrier, Pls. refer to the brochure.


Opening/closing time 0.3 sec.
Boom Arm Max. 2.6mtr carbon fiber round boom
Power Supply Input AC 100~240V,50/60HZ
Motor 240W DC24V brushless servo torque motor
Duty Cycle 100%
MTBF (Meantime Before Failure) 10 million cycles
Controller 80C51 MCU, 20MHz, PWM variable frequency servo controller board
Communication interface RS 485 or TCP/IP
Remote distance
Housing material 2mm cold-roller sheet
Housing Painting Powder coating, 10 years without rust,shedding and fading
IP level IP 54
Housing size (H*W*D) 984mm×349mm×340mm
Package size 1250mm×500mm×420mm
G.W 52KG
Operating temperature -40°c -75°c
Humidity 10%-95%


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