Jul 03, 2012

Outing in Wu Yi Mountain in 2012

In recognition of the hard work and outstanding performance of outstanding management cadres and employees in 2012. From 2nd to 3rd July, a team of 15 people went on a two-day and two-night trip to the Wu Yi Mountain.

Wuyi Mountain is located at the junction of Jiangxi and the northwestern provinces of Fujian. The northern section of the Wuyi Mountains has a total area of 999.75 square kilometers. It is a famous scenic tourist area and summer resort in China. It is a typical Danxia landform and is one of the first national key scenic spots.

This trip to Wu Yi Mountain has not only broadened the horizons of the outstanding colleagues, but also relieved the mind and body. After returning from trip, everyone returned to work with more enthusiasm and energy, and continued to contribute to the long-term development of Dashou.

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