Oct 08, 2010

Dashou 10th Anniversary Celebration

8th October, 2010 is the 10th anniversary of Dashou. Dashou people gathered together to send blessings to Dashou and express their gratitude in a special way.

After the speech by General Manager Mr. Li Ma, the show kicked off. Singing, dancing, sketches, comic dialogue, magic tricks etc.. We all enjoy the show. Especially the Sketch performance, the actors' hilarious performances won plaudits. In order to thank the Dashou people for their hard work, the company has prepared a lottery for the Dashou people, and there are consolation prizes for those who do not win. The Dashou people had a good night and came home with prizes.

10 years of dream-seeking, hard work and sweat, earning confidence and support, looking ahead, the journey is long, the original intention is not changed, wish Dashou a better future!

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