Aug 08, 2015

Outing in Guanzhai Moutain in 2015

On 8th August, 2015, under the leadership of General Manager Mr. Li Ma, the company organized a two-day tour of Guanzhai Mountain for employees in 2015 to thank them for their hard work in the past year.

Guanzhai Montain is both magnificent and beatiful with rising peaks, green montains and clear water, The Kakka culture enriches its culture connotation.The tour of Guanzai Mountain is a paid benefit for Dashou people.The two-day and two-night journey not only allowed Dashou people to enjoy the natural scenery of Guanzhai Mountain, broadened their horizons, and relieved their minds and bodies; it also promote feelings of each other and created a harmonious team atmosphere.After returning from travel, everyone work with more enthusiasm and energy, and made their own contributions to the further development of Dashou.

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