• RFID Car Parking System
  • RFID Car Parking System
  • RFID Car Parking System
  • RFID Car Parking System

Unattended RFID Car Parking Management System For Season Parkers

» RFID based Car Parking System

» Economic option for season parkers only

» Unmanned entry and exit

» Proximity card or long range RFID

» Customizable Graphics & Voice Prompt

» Free of cost software

  • Item NO. : PM510

  • Order(MOQ): 1

  • Product Origin : China

  • Color : Yellow or customized

  • Shipping Port : Xiamen

  • Lead Time : 5~7 working days

  • Warranty : 1 year

  • OEM : Available

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Unattended RFID Car Parking Management System For Season Parkers


PM510 is a RFID based Car Parking System for parking facilities, for season parkers (members) only. It is ideal solution for parking lots such as office building, plant and residential community etc. which allow season parkers to access only.


Unmanned Parking Management System



System Components


① Entry Station ④ CCTV Cameras *
② Exit Station ⑤ Parking Space Display *
③ Barrier Gate ⑥ Loop Coil
Management software Traffic Lights *
Intercom * Voice Prompt *
  Items marked * are optional


Automatic Car Parking System




How does Smart Parking System works---For Season Parkers (Members)


» A vehicle approaches entry and triggers Loop Coil of Entry Station
» The visitor swipes proximity card onto the proximity card reader built-in Entry Station
Or long range RFID tag on windshield was read by long range RFID Reader
» Entry Barrier opens automatically, and it closes automatically after the vehicle passes loop coil of Entry Barrier
» Same will happen at exit






Parking Management System Diagram


Smart Parking Solution
  • Unattended Parking Management System


    Unmanned entry and exit
    No guard is required at entry and exit, season parkers enter and leave the car park by self-swiping their proximity card, or by long range RFID tag which is on windshield, this reduces your labor cost much.
  • Unattended Car Parking System
    Customizable Screen & Voice Prompt
    The entry & exit station can be equipped with LED screen on which detailed operation and system info. are simply and friendly shown. Voice Prompt gives a warm-hearted welcome and operation guide to parkers. Both screen and voice prompt can be customized.
  • Long Range RFID Parking System


    Proximity card or long range RFID

    This RFID parking system can handle all types of card, no matter of proximity card (EM-ID or Mifare-IC) or long range RFID tag. Reading distance for proximity card is around 5~10cm, while for long range RFID tag is 3~15m

  • Long Range RFID Parking Control System

    Free of cost software


    The software provides the operators with idiot proof, user friendly interface and practical multi functions, such as managing registered parkers, real time surveillance etc,. Most of all, it is free of cost software.




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