• Parking Access Control System
  • Parking Access Control System
  • Parking Access Control System
  • Parking Access Control System
  • Parking Access Control System

TCP/IP Based Ticketing Parking Access Control System

» TCP/IP based Ticketing Parking System

» API for Easy Integration with other systems

» Web-based Parking Management Software

» Multiple Customizable Parking Fee

» Parking Report Helps you Increase Sales

» Customizable Ticket, Receipt and Coupon

» Customizable Graphics & Voice Prompt

  • Item NO. : V32-910F Central Pay

  • Order(MOQ): 1 Set

  • Color : Yellow or customized

  • Lead Time : 3~5 working days

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TCP/IP Based Ticketing Parking Access Control System


V32-910F Central Pay is a TCP/IP based Parking Access Control System for managing central-pay facilities, for both hourly parkers (visitors) and season parkers (members). Hourly parkers take barcode ticket at entry, while season parkers swipe RFID card to get access to the parking lots. It is ideal solution for parking lots of premises such as shopping mall, airports, hotel and hospital etc.


Parking Lots Control System



Parking Access System Components


① Entry Station ④ CCTV Cameras *
② Exit Station ⑤ Parking Space Display *
③ Barrier Gate ⑦ Parking Fee Display *
⑥ Computer  
⑧ Loop coil Traffic Lights *
  Voice Prompt *
Web-based software Intercom *
Charging software Cash Box *
Central Server Receipt Printer *
QR scanner Items marked * are optional


Parking Ticket System


The working process of Parking Access System---For Hourly Parkers (Visitors)


----- A car drives to the entry and triggers Loop Coil of Entry Station
----- The hourly parker get a QR Code ticket from the Entry Station
----- Entry Barrier automatically open, and it closes automatically after the car passed
----- The hourly parker walks to the charging point where centrally located, and pass the ticket to the cashier
----- The cashier read the ticket by a QR scanner, and payment information will be shown on the display
----- The hourly parker pays cash for parking, then the cashier returns the ticket to the visitor;
In given time he drives to the exit and insert the tikcet into exit station
----- Exit Barrier closes automatically after the vehicle passes the loop coil of Exit Barrier.





The working process of Ticketing Parking System---For Season Parkers (Members)


----- A car comes to the entry and triggers Loop Coil of Entry Station
----- The hourly parker swipes proximity card onto the proximity card reader built-in Entry Station,
Or long range RFID tag on windshield was detected by long range RFID Reader
----- Entry Barrier automatically open up, and it closes automatically after the car passed
----- Same will happen at exit





Parking Management System Diagram


Parking Management Solution



  • Parking Ticket Machine
    Customizable Graphics & Voice Prompt


    The entry/exit station has a 7 inch TFT screen on which operation and system information will be shown simply and friendly. Voice Prompt gives you a warm-hearted welcome and operation guidance. Both graphics and voice prompt can be customized.
  • Car Parking Ticketing System
    API Interface for Easy Integration
    More and more owners want to control all systems by their own management system or software. Dashou parking ticket system matches this requirement and it is open enough to be integrated with any third party system by API.
  • Customizable Parking Fee System
    Customizable Parking Fee
    The software provides multiple customized charging standards such as free parking time, parking rates during different periods, parking fee during the night etc. Customizable charging standards matches all your requirements of parking charging.
  • Parking Access System
    Report Helps You Increase Sales
    Dashou report give you access to all datas such as turnover, number of parking customers, etc., for single or multiple facilities. Paking reports helps you comprehend how to improve the operation quality and therefore increase your sales, as well as for your internal auditing, and to analyze customer behavior to develop new customized products.


  • Parking Access Control System

    Customizable QR Code Ticket


    Some parking facilities may want different ticket format which confirm to reading habit of different natives, some may need the ticket to show charging rate, some want to put their logo or name on the ticket for advertisement. Customizable ticket now matches all your unique requirements. This will be done in the management software.

  • Web Based Parking System

    Web-based Management Software



    You don`t need to wast time to install parking management software, because it has been pre-installed into the Central Server before delivery. Meanwhile web-based management software helps you remotely and centrally manage multi parking lots anywhere and anytime.


  • Ticketing Parking System



    Customizable Parking Receipt


    You can print out a parking receipt which shows parking period and parking fee etc., It can be customized on the charging software upon your unique needs. The special receipt required by your tax bureau is not a issue too.

  • Car Parking Access System
    Customizable Parking Coupon
    Some shopping centrers want to issue coupons to their customers to establish long term relationship. From the parking management software you can create different types of coupon and sold them to the shops or customers to deduct parking fee.




Various Installing Environment


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